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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  December 1, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EST

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japan this january. a colorado man wants a federal judge to order the tsa to stop using the new pat-down security procedure. fare fielder filed a lute. he claims they were disgusting and sexual in nature. and in violation of the constitution. he also said subjecting us. citizens to the procedure is wrong because no american has been accused of threatening commercial airliners. at least two other similar lawsuits have been filed. stay with us. news 4 continues right now at 5:00 a.m. tornado watch. severe weather that has crved a path of destruction throughout the southern states is now moving through our area. good morning to you. i'm joe krebs. i'm eun yang.
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welcome to this wednesday, december 1st, 2010. 5:00 a.m. 61 degrees. that is not the city rocking. it's windy out there. gusty winds. and storms heading our way too. >> the camera is not nervous. the camera can handle it. >> yeah. the camera is not nervous. boy, oh, boy, we are going to be walking ongg shells this morning. severe weather with not only severe thunderstorm warnings we have seen issued for the area but a tornadoatch covers the area until 10:00 a.m. that means there is a possibility of some isolated tornados with this very powerful line of storms that will be moving through. inhe orange, though, what that is, the handful of warnings that have gone upuntil 5:45shgs the latest, manassas, city of fredericksburg, fairfax, prince william county, culpepper until
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5:45. the cells further back to the south and west, culpepper, greerngs orange, sponsylvania, until 5:30 for severe thunderstorms. there it is in the yellow and orange where the most violent cells are bringing heavy rain to the area. i've tracked theine out. it's now starting to push into orlean and true blue, hitting those areas within the next couple of minutes. again, likely to be very strong winds coming through with a very heavy rain. we have already gotten more than an inch in some locations. the spots that have gotten the worst of the rain is a flash flood warning. a rap handic, sponsylvania, greene county. a flash flood watches just north
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of charles county. winds gusting 40 miles per hour. 64. dropping to 50 by noon time. after the heavy rain, very cold air. jerry. >> venica, at this hour we will head out and give you a little sample. in from the north on interstate 270 from frederick through germ germantown, good news, no accidents to report. but the wind was really kicking up, combined with the rain making visibility very, very reduced. be cautious there. let's head over and see how we're doing. capital beltway, travel lanes are open. one more stop this go around. check things out in town. quiet and sedate for the moment. as not too much to worry about here. out to the rails to see how the train is doing. so far the train is pullingut on time. metro, vre and marc, no early issues. eun. >> jerry, thank you. police are stl looking for
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whoever gunned down a 16-year-old in the district in the middle of the day. it happened yesterday in the 800 block of delhi field near sherman cile. prince accori was shot several times. he was taken to the hospital where he died. police are now offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in this case. maryland state police are investiging the suspicious death of a calvert county woman found in her parked r. 41-year-old sandra long was found unconscious by three hunters yesterday afternoon near the state ark. she was pronounced dead at the scene. police are treating the case as a homicide but have not released a cause of death or motive. new today, joint naval exercises between the u.s. and south korea have been completed. the two countries started the exercises on sunday just days after north korea fired artillery at south korean islands. the joint exercises were scheduled months ago, but tensions are still running high
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between north and south korea. south korea's president vowed there would be a tough response if there are any further attacks from the north. president obama aet with new congressional leadership to talk about tax cuts set to expire at the end of the year. john bay nar, eric cantor, and mitch mcconnell met with democratic leadership for two hours yesterday. republicans are pushing for a continuation of the cuts for every tax brkets. >> here we disagree. and i continue to believe it would be unwise and unfair. >> it is the view of 100% of the senate and a number of senate democrats as well that we ought
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to treat all taxpayers the same. >> among the suggestion, changes to social security, including eventually raising the retirement ageto 69. curtailing a wide range of tax breaks, raising taxes on gasoline and freezing federal pay and eliminating 200,000 federal jobs through attrition. unemployment benefits start running out for nearly 2 million americans. republicans and the house and senate along with a handful of conservative democrats say they're open to extending benefits but not if it means adding to the $13.8 trillion national debt. >> happening today at the white house, president obama will have lunch with vincent gray. he extended the invitation back in november when he won the election. they expect to talk about how
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the district needs the freedom to write its own law and budgets. he takes over for adrian fenty in january. on this world aids day, there is a push to get more people tested and treat those affected. a new report fnd fewer than half americans have had an aids test as routine screening was recommended. hiv is an epidemic in the city with rates equivalent to subsaharan africa. aids activists will hold a funeral in front of the white house. there will be candlelight vigils at dupont and st. matthew's cathedral. >> even minutes after 5:00 right no good news and bad news for workers in virginia. this morning, an international manhunt fo a man behind the controversial website, wikileaks. get ready. a rough morning. severe storms are mong through the area.
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5:10 is your time now. it is now 61 degrees. this is a picture of the trees blowing in the wind, and the rain is coming down. the winds will pick up and it's going to get ugly this morning. woodbridge, virginia right now, moving up from the south
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and is going to hit our area pretty soon. here's veronica johnson in storm center 4. good morning, joe and eun. severe weather eruptin over our area this morning. we have the possibility of it until at least 10:00 a.m. this morning. let's get you updated. we have a tornado watch until 10:00 a.m. so the possibility of isolated tornados. so far all we have ha on warnings is severe thunderstorm warnings in and around close to until 5:30 over caroline county. until 5:45, the city of fredericksburg. manassas park, manassas city, western fairfax,rince william, stafford until 5:45, severe thunderstorm warnings. there could be high winds coming through with this very heavy rain. you can see the yellow. that's the orange. all advancing north and eastward. and this one line that's headed up through faulkier, pnce william. that will hit parker and
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willisville and randolph in the next couple minutes and on, too, to flat run. the individual cells running northeast at 40 miles per hour. so very quickly along with that, again, powerful cold front. with it the very heavy in. we have seen more than an inch of rain in winchester, west of us. that's where there's a flash flood warning. counties in red. culpepper, too, faulkier and the locations in washington county, too. flash flood warning. we're under a flash flood watch until 1:00 p.m. up into montgomery county. gusty winds in the mid-60s. >> veronica, we'll srt heading into town along new york avenue. good news, nothing too much to worry about. so far travel lanes are open. as you make the drive on in but be very cautious. wet roads out there. a little extra braking distance definitelyomething you needto consider. here's the i-270 spur.
5:13 am
southbound traffic moving along well. notice all the road spray. ter loop of the beltway off the i-270 spur, police had the right lane tied up with an accident. be cautious. just a good indicator that things are a little rocky out there. east capital street inbound, police activity continuing at this hour. a little bit of a detour set up. south of town, wilson bridge, doing all right so far. let's head out to the rails. metro, vre and, right now no delays. joe and eun. >> thank you very much, jerry. >> 5:13. 61 degrees. an update on the corruption case in prince george's county. one of the accused is now out of jail. also, why there an international search under way for a man behind the controversial website, wikileaks. after the break, who is proposing extending the school day for more than 100
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5:15 your time now. here are the top stories we're following this morning. u.s. and south korea finished their joint nava exercises. tensions are sti high between north korea and south korea after north fired artillery at south korean islands. south korea present vowed there would be a tough response if there arenymore attacks from the north. one of the most discussing issues in congress, the bush era tax cuts which are set to expire at the end of the year. while democrats want to raise taxes for just the richest americans,epublican leadership is pushing for the cuts to stay the same for ery group. they did not come to any agreement. 16-year-old was gunned down in northwest washington. it happene yesterday afternoon not far from sherman circle. a $25,000 reward is now being offered for informationead to go an arrest. this morning we stillon't know why a virginia woman threw
5:17 am
her 2-year-old granddaughter 50 feet to her death. police say -year-old carmen de laosa dropped the child off an upper level walkway at tysons corner circle. they visited her granddaughter often and never noticed a problem. a liquor store that's part of a corruption probe is pleading not guilty. they are accused of distributing black market alcohol and cigarettes. the investigation went public last month when jack johnson and his wife leslie were arrested. there's also evidence that they bribed public officials in return for favors students in prince george's county schools may soon have longer school days. the county executive elect baker
5:18 am
told officials he will look into funding extra class time for more than 150 schools. elementary and middle school students would be affected. they have the shortest day in the state averaging 6 hours, 15 minutes comparedo maryland's average of 7 hours per day >> virginia state workers may have a little extra spending money this holiday season. governor bob mcdonald says state employees will get aone-time 3% bonus this week. it is coming from the millions of dollars of savgs found recently in the state budget. the workers haven't received a raise in three years. they may not receive another pay increase any time soon. wikileaks founder assange has been placed on interpol issued a red notice for the 39-year-old australian as part of a rape investigation. he is suspected of rape and molestation in sweden. the waant was expected after a
5:19 am
swedish court ordered assange be brought in for questioning last november. he has gone into hiding after wikileaks released 60,000 confident u.s.mbassy documents earlier this week. he denied the rape allegations. users in the u.s. and europe were unable to access wikileaks for several hours during the outage. the website was also attacked on sunday as it was getting ready to release the u.s. embassy cables. the attacker has not been identified. and wiki leak's next target could be bank of america. the website pls to release inteal documents from a major u.s. bank next year. back in 2009, the wikileaks founder said he had hundreds of big bites of data from the bank. on this world aids day,
5:20 am
be prepared for a wet commute this morning. a line of severe stms is tearing through our area as we speak. tracee, how is it looking out there? >> rorter: well, it's wet and it'salso a weird kind of temperature out here. eun, i don't want to say it's cold. it's balmy but windyt the same time. let me show you what it looks like behind us here. the trees have been whipping in the wind. we're told our wind gusts are under 40 miles per hour. it could get up to70 miles per hour as we stay under the tornado watch for this area. we'rpaying close attention to what could possibly happen in woodbridge. they have come u from the south and caused some severe damage. as you can see from the treetops, the wind is getting heavy outhere. this is the first area that the line of storms is to hit. we can't predict a tornadoor when it's going to happen but we have a watch in effect until
5:21 am
10:00 a.m. for our area. based on what's happened as the storm has gone from the south up the eastern seaboard in towar our direction, we're expecting there possibly could be some tornados in this area. definitely flooding rain and high winds. we're out here paying close attention to what happened. let me show you what it looks like on the highway here. cars traveling at normal pace here. folks aren't having a major issue because the rain is not really that heavy right now. coming down 95, same deal. what was a annoying more so than the rain was the wind. very heavy wind. at times it moved our live truck a little bit. that's how heavy the wds were out here. folks should be careful as they commute. tracee wilkins, live in woodbridge. back to you in the studio. >> veronica johnson will take a look at the forecast. it is in our area now. is that right, veronica? >> very heavy rain, very strong
5:22 am
thunderstorms that have been warned on. those are the ones shaded in ange. the entire area under a tornado watch. yes, the possibility of isolated toadoes, all part of the same system that produced tornados the last couple days, douth through the south and the mississippi valley. city of fredericksburg, manass, eastern culpepper, stafford, prince william, faulkier until 5:45. caroline, until 5:30. we have pockets of heavy rain. those are the ones in yellow and orange. and just off to the west of our area. so still sitting inside and still up towards area of jefferson and west virginia as well as washington county, maryland. it's all headed to the northeast. all coming this way. big rains. one to three inches and falling temperatures withinds that could gouft 50 miles per hour. take a sampling around the area and see how we're doing
5:23 am
headed into town. clearly you can see the roads are wet. south capital street towards the inbound douglas bridge. no worries there. we'll head over and see how things are progressing. the trip into town looks okay. i-270 and i-70. 395 loaded up rapidly headed north from the beltway en route to shirlington. >> marc, brunswick 876, six minutes behind schedule. >> 5:23. the wet weather won't damper a celebration outside the white house today. when passengers on amtrak will be allowed toack more than just luggage. than just luggage. the helpful smartphone
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5:27 am
to flood featuring the world's largest menorah. >> three, two, one! >> and looks a whole lot more like chrtmas right nown rockefeller center. tens of thousands of people watched in amazement as the rockefeller christmas tree was lit last night. it is illuminated with 30,000 environmentally friendly l.e.d. lights. that's five miles of wire for that lite project. >> how would you like to check 30,000 bulbs every year to make sure they work? a few less than 30,000. 62 degrees. 5:27. d.c. mayoral elect with a very important power nch. a local man is in trouble again for stalking a hollywood star. what investigators say he was doing when they went to arrest him. next, a torno watch in effect. bad weather moving through our area. the forecast
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[ man ] for general electric, here is ronald reagan. the moment you feel run down or achy nip flu-like symptoms in the bud, with oscillococcinum. get oscillo and feel like yourself again. oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud. wet and windy. storms are moving through our area right now and they could make for a messy morning. good morning to you. i'm joe krebs. >> andi'm eun yang. welcome to news 4 today for this wednesday. it is the 1st of december, 2010. right now our area is
5:31 am
bracing for a line of stos that's already devastated the southeasternart of the united states. a tornado was reported yesterday in gwenyth county. storms dumped three inches in parts of louisiana. they're also being blamed for 15 injuries in central mississippi where some buildingsere actually knocked off their foundations. and this is a live picture of our area right now. cloudy skies and some rain coming down. a lot of wind too. >> very warm. >> very warm andeerly warm. we have the wind going along with the warmth. you know something is up. we have severe weather ongoi until 10:00 a.m. the tordo watch unt 10:00 a.m. the counties shaded in orange, those for prince william, loun county, fairfax, too, city of manassas, manassas park, a
5:32 am
severe thunderstorm for the next couple minutes,ntil 5:45. no tornado warnings we have seen yet. but pockets of heavy rain advancing north and east. the strongest line toward buckland, percerville and telegraph spring. eventually northwestern fairfax county within the next couple minutes. a lot of flooding, too, we could see on the roadways. be especially cautious in the red. flash flood warnings. flash flood watcuntil 1:00. gusty winds, falling teeratures, jerry, out of the 60s to 50 and cold ver ron can strange, things. a look at virginia shoreline at the woodrow wilson bridge. outer loop moving along well. inner loop, okay. roads are slick so keep your
5:33 am
speeds down. let's he over coming from the north ong 270. loading up rapidly. we're starting to see stop and go as you begin the commute south o of hyatts tn. rush hour looks good both ways. out on the rails, metro and vre, no earlyissues. marc, one delay, brunswick 870, nine minutes behind schedule. eun. >> jerry, thank you. as we have shown you, the storms in our area right nowre the eastern edge of a strong system that's been churning in the southeast. the wild weather has stretched across a numr of states leaving quite a bit of destruction. curt gregory reports. >> two tornados. two tornados on the ground at the same time. >> reporter: tornados touching down in monroe. at least three homes destroyed in the tiny community of atlanta. louisiana. >> we lost everything. we had a shed out here.
5:34 am
i had two boats under it. they're gone. they're 400 yards in the back of the field over there now. the garages gone. >> reporter: the large storm system mov through the atlanta, georgia area tuesday. this is video where another tornado was reported. violent winds tore roofs off self homes. at least 56 houses were maged. >> it was pushing really hard on the house. pushing really hard. i never feltt push that hard. >> residents of central mississippi surveying damage from the storm. homes and buildings kcked off their foundations. at least 15 people were injured. in northern alabama, drenching rain and flooding were the problems. more than three inches of rain fell in many locations, closing roads and delaying school openings. and on the back end of the powerful storm system, snow fell from memphis, tennessee to
5:35 am
omaha,ebraska and as far north as minneapolis. curt gregory, nbc news. those strong winds are expected to continue to batter the eastern seaboard again today. >> police are offering a $25,000 reward for information about the person who shot and killed a teenager in northwest washington. this happeneyesterday afternoon in the 800 block of dullefield place, sherman circle. they found a 16-year-old male prince accori suffering from gunshot wounds. police have not released infoation about a suspect or motive. not far from that crime scene, police are trying to figure out how a teenage girl's body ended up in a trash can. police say 17-ye-old ebony franklin was stabbed to death before her body was dumped in the columbia heights neighborhood. frklin lived with her mother in prince george's county but often visited her father who lived in the district. a vote could come any day
5:36 am
now in the house of representatives whether to censure krarcharles rangel. now all that stands between rangel and censure is house vote. last month rangel was found guilty of 11 violatis, including failing to pay taxes on income from a villa he opens in the dominican republic. he said he should not be censured, only reprimanded, because he did not profit. one ofhe most discussing issues in congress, the bush era tax cuts which are set to expire at the end of the year. john boehner, eric canter and senate minorit leader mitch mcconnell, amet with democratic leadership yesterday. >> here we disagree. and i continue to be it woulbe unwise and unfair. >> it is the view of 100% of senate republicans and asenate
5:37 am
mocrats as well that we ought to treat all taxpayers the same. >> according to the whose aides, they believe cgress will take action on the bush era taxes and the arms treaty between the u.s. and russia and the military's don't ask, don't tell policy all by the end of the year. happening today, presiden obama meets with d.c. mayor elect at the white house. he extended a lunchon invitation to gray afterhe won the election back in november. gray is expected to talk how they need the freedom to write its own laws and its own budget. he takes over from mayor adrian fenty in january. travelers may have more than just gifts in their bags when they board amtrak this season. gun rights advocates have been push to go reverse a nearly decade-long ban of guns on the train. now gun owners will be allowed to take guns on rail cars with checked baggage service.
5:38 am
you must notify them 24 hours prior to departure. 5:37. still to come, a local man already convicted of stalking a hollywood star is locked u once again. what investigators say he was doing at the time they arrested him. also caught on tape, three suspects accused of snatching a puppy from a d.c. shelter. why workers are fearing the worst. severe storms are moving through the area. a tornado watch is in effect right now. weather and traffic next. blue diamond almonds more bold flavor! more variety! more value! moref what you want... not what you don't. blue diamond almonds. (play-by-play announcer) it's up and it is... goo more than a snack. ♪ my country ♪ 's of thee ♪ sweet land ♪ of liberty ♪ of thee i sing [ laughs ] ♪ oh, land ♪ where my fathers died ♪ land of the pilgrims' pride
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our time right now is 5:40. 61 degrees in the nation's capital. taking a live look at 14th street and pennsylvania avenue. you can see t roadways are wet down there. so rain around the region but storms are moving in, heavier storms. following the track of the storm. veronica, what's the late? >> they are moving through neighborhoods. we will have severe weather folks ongoing until 10:00 a.m. is morning. we have a tornado watch until 10:00 a.m. this morning. the counties shaded in orange, that's where we have severe thunderstorm warnings where we are seeing high winds, heavy rains. not seeing any lightning yet. eastern prince william county until 5:45. you are under a severe thunderstorm warning. lightning, west of emporia, virginia. this line head to gotaylorstown in the next couple minutes.
5:42 am
montgomery county, you will be getting heavy rain until 1:00 p.m. manassas, 43 miles perhour. could go higher. but temperatures are going to go lower, from 64 and falling to 50. and a cold one tonight. jerry. >> veronica, take a loo it's going to be a tough morning for those of you getting ready to head out. i-270 through germantown, this says it all, wind, rain. no major incidents as far as power outages reported yet aroundhe area. central avenue and enterprise road, one location where the traffic lights are out. we'll keep you updated. 66 inbound. the wind out of manassas. one more stop, frederick, looks okay so far along i-270. on the rails, metro, vre, okay. marc, brunswick 870, nine
5:43 am
minutes behind schedule. >> 5:42,61 degrees. ahead, what a local police officer is accused of doing to a crime victim that hasim now off the job. a gram mat cal error to help ♪ i'm gonna get it, i know i'm gonna get . ♪ ♪ i can't wait ♪ every little step, brings me closer to the gift. can't be late. ♪ ♪ rip it open in a second and it's time to play. ♪ ♪ i was up all night in anticipation feeling electric jewels of jubilation. ♪ ♪ yule tide carols from the local congregation. ♪ ♪ make it tough to hold my patience in check. ♪ ♪ is it time yet, is it time, i can't wait♪ ♪ is it time yet, is it time, i can't wait. ♪
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good morning. welcome back.
5:46 am
severe weather is arriving in our area right now. we just received word page county schools in virginia are opening two hours late today. this is a live lok at i-95 near fairfax county parkway in virginia. you can see a lot of wet roadways out there. be sure to plan extra time for your commute this morning. the roads are not only wet, but the wind is making it quite tough on drivers. news 4's tracee wilkins is live in woodbridge, virginia and she can attest to that firsthand, right, tracee? >> reporter: good morning, joe. yeah, absolutely. we were leaving northwest coming down here to woodbridge. the wind was glowing so hard we could feel the truck moving side to side. so we drove extra slow to get down here. let me show yo what it looks like we hind me here. you can see in the tree hops how the wind is blowing in woodbridge. we're expectinging the system to hit this area first. we're expecting winds as high as 70 miles per hour. we're under 40 miles per hour. but we're understanding it could
5:47 am
get as high as 70 miles per hour. a tornado watch is going on until 10:00 a.m. we're wn here paying attention to what's going onere with the weather. i can tell you the winds have picked up. the rain has also picked up. let me show you. we're in a parking lot. i want to give you an idea what it's looking like. puddles in the parking lot. this is what people are dealing th as they drive on major roadways. know we're expecting standing water, possible flooding conditions. be very careful. tracee wilns live in woodbridge. back to you all in the studio. >> tracee, thanks very much. a piece of art is gone from the smithsoan. it depicts ants crawling over a crucified jesus. catholics call it an insult to christians. the director said it was dealing with sexual orientation and gender identity in art and it was depicting the suffering of an aids patient.
5:48 am
he said the exhibit w never meant to offend anyone and it since has been removed from the gallery >> the "washington post" reports an officer was suspended after he was accused of sending risky texts to 19-year-old woman who reported an identity theft the woman told police that the ficer took her information, then began texting her from the parking lot outside h apartment. this is the 47th prince george's county officer suspended or put on desk attitude ruty for alleged misconduct. >>a prince george's county lawyer finds himself on the other side of the law. 67-year-old howard schmuckler is accused of swindling homeowners when they were trying to save their homes from foreclosure. he is accused of collecting thousands of dollars in fees for people in mortgage troubles and promising to help get their payments reduced through a federal program for struggling homeowners. instead, schmuckler took the money and did nothing. >> yeah. very vulnerable victims here
5:49 am
that were taken advantage of. really lost the american dream. >> homeowners can get free help if they need to modify their mortgage loan by calling maryland hoe. it is a toll free hotline. 1-877-462-7555. that's maryland hope homeowns preserving equity. if you missed it number it is on our website, sexual assault charges against six d.c.dunbar high school students have been dropped. a fele student said the boys assaulted heduring school hours. the boys were removed from the school and school officials sent home a letter to parents telling them about the incident. d.c. police tell news 4 and said prosecutors reviewed the evidence and the statements in the case and decided to drop the charges. a local man accused of -- or convicted rather of stalking uma thurman is back in jail this morning. jack jordan violated a
5:50 am
restraining order by trying to call thurman and failing to appear in court. montgomery county police arrested jordan in his home last week. theyound him sitting at his computer with the words uma thurman visible on the search bar. jordan was previously found guilty of stalking thurman in 2008. a colorado man wants a federal judge to order the tsa to stop using the new pat-down screening procedure. gary field her filed a lawsuit more than a month after he and his two daughters underwent a pat-down in san diego. he claims they were disgusting and seal in nature. and in violation of the constitution. he also said subjecting u.s. citizens to the procedure is wrong because no american has been accused of threatening commercial airliners. least two other similar lawsuits have been filed. a live look outside at 5:50, 61 degrees. it's warm and balmy and muggy. also the rain is coming downm. t
5:51 am
it's going to be a tough and ugly morning. veronica johnson has the latest on our forecast. >> pack your patience for this one. it is going to take a while for folks to get in this morning. the pavement wet. we're talking about winds and severe weather we have seen come in parts of the south. all part of the same weather system. a tornado watch until 10:00 a.m. seeing severe thunderstorm warnings issued. the latest until 6:30. montgomery county, manassas park, northern prince william and northern fairfax county getting hit with pretty good storms coming through. you can see them on the radar the last couple hours. that's where the imbedded cells are showing up with the yellow, the orange and the red. the most intense and very heavy rain. meanwhile, as we take a look and track that line ahead, it will
5:52 am
be heading sunday's manor estates and harmony dproef in e next few minutes. individual cells, 40 miles per hour. flash flood watch in the red. you haveeard about the school delay there. i beeve that was page county. until 1:00 p.m., we're under a flash flood watch. know as water buds up or backs up into the bay a the potomac there could be trouble when things swish around. there may be moderate flooding just off the potomac and the bay. manassas, could get up to 50, even 60-mile-per-hour winds when these storms come through. 64 in the district. we'll see falng temperatures with those very gusty winds. they will ease up later on. very cold air draining in. showers by 3:00. the wor of the weather over by
5:53 am
noon. things should be drying up overnight. jerry >> veronica, a long rush hour. right now it seems everybody is certainly able to deal with the weather. where there are no major incidents on the interstates. that is a good start, hopeful start anyway. top side of the capital beltway, new hampshire avenue. outer loop, there's the inner loop. right now between college park to the american legion bridge, all lanes open. earlier incident on the outer loop off the 270 spur should be out of the roadway. into town, new york avenue, just the usual traffic light delays as you make your trip on in. headed in on pennsylvania avenueno concerns off the sousa bridge. looking good through southeast. out to the rails we go, metro, vre, no delays. marc brunswick 870, 11 minutes behind schedule. >> thank you. . the word "at"could keep one man out of jail.
5:54 am
he was charged with passing a stopped school bus. he faced reckless driving charge that would have put six points on his record. just a small problem. the law read it was illegal to stop any school bus stopped for the purpose of taking on or discharging students it should have said stop at any school bus. since the law as written would have required a driver to stop a stopped school bus the man was acquitted. he lost in district court but won on appeal. grammar is important. >> depositions are an important proposition. it may be easier to find a parking spot on 16th street in northwest washington. there's a truce in a parking space war that's been raging in the neighborhood in recent weeks. residents were stunned when legal parking was taken away and they were given parking tickets. city transportation ficials
5:55 am
made the change without notifying residents. after complaints the no parking signs have been removed for further study. >> the signs were changed without notification to resident that was frustrating to many of us becausee thought if you're changing the signs restrictions have been made and we need to be notified >> dozens of ticks were written in recent weeks before that truce. now local residents want to know if the tickets will be forgiven. take a look at this surveillance video of three men leaving a humane society shelter that. could be the key to finding a stolen puppy. the 4-month-old pitbl named ivan wasnatched yesterday from a d.c. shelter. the longer he's gone the more concerned workers are about his condition. news 4's craig melvin reports. >> he's a playful little pup full of energy. we were hoping he would be adopted out to a great home as a companion. >> reporter: the washington humane society esn't know where ivan is, but they have a good idea how he got there.
5:56 am
three young men stroll into the shelter around 2:00 monday afternoon, broad daylight doesn't stop them from snatching the 4-month-old pitbull puppy right from his cage. >> these three individuals made their way into a restricted area, removed the dog from the side of his cage, slipped out through a back gate. and to finally get o of the enclosed area, kicked their way through a wooden fence. >> after officials say they puppynapped him,o make their daring escape, they don't run, they walk. >> like they own the world. they came in, saw what they wanted, walked into a restricted area, grabbed him. >> reporter: because he haseen the evil man does to animals, he's worried. >> is he going to be used in dogfighting activities, to train other dogs, for breeding, as a guard dog. >> reporter: to get him back, the hane society is offering a $1,000 reward, no questions asked. >> our main concern is the return of ivan. we want to make sure he gets what he deserves.
5:57 am
and that is a loving home and a good family. >> reporter: about 90 people rk at this location. several dozen were on the clock yesterday when thieves walked in and took ivan. washington humane society says they're using this to revi their security procedures and review the process by which potential pet owners looked at the pets. from northeast washington, craig melvin, news 4 today. >> that seems like the huge question. if there were several dozen workers on location yesterday en they walked in, just walked into a secure area and took the dog out of a cage, what were those other people doing? did they notee it? we they not paying attention? were they just volunteers or what? >> or assume they were coming to at least look at puppies. i'm sure a lot of people come by to look a animals there. seems like there was a problem. >> somebody should have said, where are you going with that? >> hope tey find ivan. he's a cutie.
5:58 am
who is behind a new push for a longer school day. and the weather is starting to pick up. next at 6:00 a.m., more on the severe wea
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